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Sep. 26th, 2010

syaoran: drops of water

Starting anew

Okay, so I said I wouldn't do public friend cuts, but since I have been terribly MIA from LJ among others I just wanted to take this opportunity to clean out my friends list. I'm not suddenly going to become really active again, but I do want to try and start commenting (more) again. However, I don't have the time to handle a big flist anymore when I don't check it that often, and to be honest I don't think some friendships will work out. I've had some of you guys on my flist for ages, but I still feel that we're not really... friends, but more like superficial acquaintances? So I'd feel bad keeping you guys on here when 1) I don't have faith in our friendship and 2) I'm sure you wouldn't feel comfortable around me when I consider you more as an acquaintance and not a friend. I know, it's a vague line but anyway, I hope you guys don't hold it against me. I definitely have no problem with anyone I cut, so I hope we'll still be able to be on good terms should we come across each other in some other place. Perhaps one day our paths will cross again and we'll hit it off better then.

All that said, everyone is free at all times to cut me if they think our friendship isn't going anywhere, no hard feelings. Thanks for all the memories and good luck on your future endeavors! ♥

Jan. 1st, 2009

shin/reira: not a lie

Friends only

This journal is currently FRIENDS ONLY, though previous posts that are public will be kept as public, to give an indication of what I post about.

To be friended, please note the following:
  • Please comment if you (want to) add me. A note in advance: I might not add everyone, but it's nothing personal, it's probably because I think we won't get along that well.
  • Common interests are a plus, but I don't talk much about fandom so it's not a must.
  • I'm not too high on comments, but leave a comment once in a while so I know you're still interested in reading.
  • I don't do publicly announced friend cuts. However, I will cut you if I think our friendship isn't going anywhere, for instance if I find myself skipping your posts, do not comment, if there is no mutual commenting for quite some time or any other form of interaction between us.
  • If you're here to see website updates, watch nivealuna instead.

If you're still interested, go ahead and leave a comment.

Dec. 27th, 2008

cooro: the sky holds my dream

Better late than never?

Happy Holidays! ♥

Usually I make a (small) card for the holidays, but not this year because I haven't come across any nice pictures and I'm too lazy to search for one. In any case, I hope those who celebrate it have had a good Christmas! We don't celebrate it, so I spent mine working and playing Pokemon Diamond since my brother got his girlfriend's DS for the holidays :3 Some things that happened this past week (since that's where most things happened lol):

  • I sent out the cards somewhere last week, so I hope they've arrived safely! I've also received cards from paperjetpilot, zexy_schemer and suzukaze (where are you?! ;o;), thank you~! ♥
  • I've been cleaning my room (it's such a mess!) and am about.. halfway done. I need to find the motivation to do part two, which is the part that needs to be cleaned most.
  • My sister gave me a gift that was supposed to be for my birthday, which was a TRC!Sakura PVC(?) figure.
  • My dad came back on Monday, and brought with him a copy of JJ Lin's Sixology my cousin bought for me! ♥ I was surprised at how big it was!
  • I went shopping with my sister on Tuesday, and had sushi for dinner with a friend. Also my first time having takoyaki, but it was not what I expected LOL. Still want to try it from another place, since they had no space left when my sister called to reserve seats.

I should actually be using this break to catch up on anime, since I've been leeching a lot of series, but I'll be going back to playing on the DS now, since it'll be gone next week lulz. I'm also thinking of doing a small friends cut soon, for the same reasons as last time (finding myself skipping over posts, no (mutual) commenting etc.), so no hard feelings? I'm not going to make a separate post for it, so I'll wish you the best for 2009 and on here.

Dec. 1st, 2008

kamui: king

Christmas cards!

The ball on Thursday was fun, but I think I got sick from the cold weather D: I might elaborate more on the party later.. if I feel any better. Not that much interesting stuff happened, aside from one of my friends thinking I was flirting with my old high school classmate LOL.

Anyway, the point of this post: Christmas cards! I figured I could still send them out, although they would probably arrive late, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? I'll probably send them out around next week, so if you'd like one, just leave your address here in a comment or just email it to me. Comments are screened, ofcourse. Feel free to ask for one even if you aren't sending out anything out yourself, since this is probably like, the only event I will be sending out stuff to other countries ^^

Cards won't be anything special though. Since I have a lot left from previous years, I won't be buying any new ones, so there might be a chance you'll get the same card as before :X I'm also thinking of maybe just putting my name under the card since I don't feel like writing a lot this year and this way will be easier to send them out as fast as possible XD;

Now off to bed early for a change!

Nov. 15th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

Exciting NEWS! (Yes, pun intended) and some KHR babbling

Ahhhh I'm listening to the new NEWS album now, I'm 3/4th through at the moment, but I like it already! I'm definately biased when I say that though hahaha~ Murarisuto sounds like such a Koyama/Shige song, just the way it sounds, it reminds me so much of Chirarizumu XDDD I freaked out my sister when I saw it, I think she seriously thought I had gone nuts LMAO. Now I'm just waiting for Tegomass' Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi single to be brought out. The song came out early July, but I have yet to hear the full version or anything about a single ;~;

On the note of music, I signed myself up for a LastFM account yesterday, so feel free to friend me! Also, lately I've been reminding myself to update my list of what I'm watching/reading at MyAnimeList, so feel free to add me there too, just let me know who you are ♥

I was discussing some One Piece points with proglution yesterday evening, and it made me sad when I realized I had nobody to talk to about the newest Reborn chapter, because it was so WTF. I was planning on making a post after I read it, but I suppose I can do it now too. It feels like such a long time since I've talked about any anime/manga here xD proglution, I'm kind of stealing your way of doing it, I hope you don't mind xD

KHR 218 thoughts and comments - beware for spoilers.Collapse )

That turned out longer than expected. I'm probably overlooking a lot of things and some things might have already been answered, but yeah~ In the mean time, I've already listened to the color album twice, which should give you some sort of indication how long typing up this post took me LOL

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