January 26th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water


I finally did something with this~ It's still very standard-like, but I hope to put some time into coding this LJ later. I'll need to learn the override codes and such. I've seen a few very pretty LJ's (like lisamio's), must work hard to make something pretty too~ XD If anyone has any useful links to places to learn, I'd be very grateful. ^_^

I'm having a day off today. Tomorrow is the last day of finals, I'll be glad when everything's over. I'll probably fail half (if not more) of all finals, and tomorrow I'll be having Latin (which is ridiculously much) and English literature (The Horn of Plenty). I'm glad I read the culture parts for Latin already, although some were from the start of the schoolyear, I can still remember what certain pieces of text are about.

I'll probably continue studying after watching some anime, since Bleach 65 and Naruto 169 are done. I don't know why I still follow it though, since they're fillers, but I guess I just have no life and I hate studying XD
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