February 1st, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

School = busy

Had a French listening test today, which went.. not so well, I think. I think I did the first part better than the second, but that was also more understandable and interesting. I'll just hope they won't be correcting too strictly. I also just found out my drawings are due tomorrow. At the moment, I've only finished two of the three, so I still need to do one more. I'll probably hand them in later though, as I haven't had any classes due to double courses, and I just refuse to buy paint and all that stuff just to finish this, since I won't be using them for anything else. Next to that, I have to finish a presentation, three books for French and also another book & make all the book reports for Dutch. @_@ I seriously need to change my habit of doing everything last minute~

I miss Photoshop. Somehow the computer won't connect here, but it does work at my sister's place. A few sites really need new layouts, even if they're only temporary, and I want to make a few icons for LJ + a new avatar for TAFL boards. I also still need to update the games @ Caelestis, but the images would be huge, so I'm still waiting for my brother to fix the main comp.

I hope I won't have too much of a muscle ache tomorrow, we did aikido today with PE. It was fun, though sometimes a little painful XD We did some exercises in case someone ever grabs your arm, though I doubt I'll ever use it.
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