February 6th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water


Sometimes I wonder how one person thinks I'm already an adult and the other thinks I'm not even 16 yet. I had to buy 2 cradles(?) of beer a few days ago.

Cashier: Are you 16 yet?
Me: *I'm already 17, do I look like some shrimp like Edo to you?*
Cashier: Do you have an ID?
Me: *gives ID*
Cashier: Oh, okay. *mumbles something*

Gahh, that is seriously so frustrating! And when I told my mom and sister about it, I was laughed at.

But, on a happier note: I got a 64% for my Dutch essay~ :D I seriously thought I would have to retake it, since I had a feeling I screwed up big time. So this means I'll only be retaking maths. Although the thought of sitting there for three hours again isn't funny. Coming to school at 9.25AM when you're not starting until 12PM isn't funny either. >_<

I've been thinking if I should go to the animecon that's going to be held here end June/start July or not. I mean, I always have loads of fun with people, but I think it's pretty expensive. I know the organizers don't get any profit from it and that they're working hard so we actually have a convention, but I haven't been doing much every time I'm at one. It's usually just buying stuff and hanging out with friends. The amount of anime I watch at a convention is almost nothing. dancingspoon and deserter_ aren't planning on going either, although there are still a lot of other fun people around there. Plus, I might be gone around that time, since a couple of friends want to go on vacation after our final exams. Decisions, decisions, and half of all the tickets are already sold in less than a week.
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