February 21st, 2006

syaoran: drops of water


Whoo, I love vacation =^_^= Too bad I have loads of work to do though, but that'll come later this week.

Shaolin finally appeared in the Black Cat anime~ :D Well, as himself that is, but damn, I really like the manga version better. He was pictured off like he was this big bad guy, just because he was making the sweeper alliance for Chronos. Although Shaolin vs. Train was fun to see. And Midori goodness in ZHiME~ I wonder if Akira and/or Takumi will make another appearance, and when we'll get to see/hear about Mai.

I made a few icons since I didn't have any (except the one I snatched from arionwing *heart*). I wanted to make more, but Photoshop is really slow on this laptop and I don't want to spend the whole day waiting for it to load every time. This is the first time I'm making them, so I hope they're good. ^^;

Please comment if you're taking any, and upload them to your own server~ ^^
Remember to credit chibikaitou when using, thank you. ^_^

TOTAL: [25]
[02] Bleach
[02] Chrno Crusade
[04] Cardcaptor Sakura
[10] Full Moon wo Sagashite
[02] Nana
[01] Shaman King
[04] Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE


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UVERworlds album "Timeless" is awesome, and so is the full version of ZHiME's opening Crystal Energy. I've been listening to those songs for the last couple of days and I'm still fully enjoying them ♥
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