March 18th, 2006

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Finally revamped, after ignoring it for months. I can't believe a year has passed already, and what have I been doing with it - almost nothing. I've renewed the domain though (well, actually togekid did ♥), and this time I'm actually planning to do something with it. I've been wondering what to do with my log though, I don't have a need for two journals. Maybe I should turn it into an update log? But then again, I don't update that much.

Thursday I went to an university to follow some classes to see if I like the study or not. This study has been on my mind ever since two years ago, so it was about time I went~ It was quite interesting, although I never thought it could take up so much time; I followed three classes and I was there from 8.30 am until 15.30 pm @_@ I'm probably going to study this next year if I pass exams in two months~ For those who are wondering and can read Dutch, it's called EDMM (Educational Design, Management & Media; it used to be called 'Toegepaste Onderwijskunde'). It's about learning how to set up (learning) programs to help companies, schools etc. I just hope I get another teacher for Mediapsychology, because the current one speaks so slowly and with big pauses it makes me sleepy, although the subject itself is pretty interesting. So yep, I'll most be probably staying here instead of moving to another city~

arionwing, happy birthday to KaienNU & lisamio, happy birthday to both HitsugayaORG and HitsugayaNU~ :D :D ♥
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