March 22nd, 2006

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I've been reading a lot of One Piece lately.. And I'm almost up to date, if it wasn't for the fact that I can't find the recent ones. deserter_, I'll upload the rest of what I have tomorrow, so check back later to get them ^^ (I bet my brother will spork me because the connection will be slow though T_T)

I just watched the latest Black Cat episode, and I'm really wondering what they are planning to do with it. They've passed the manga ending so they're fillers like what, halve of the entire anime?, but I have no life, so I keep on watching them, like Naruto & Bleach. I still like the manga better, like with most series.

Recently I got my first fanlisting approval in two years, and my second non-adopted one, yay! I got approved for the Shaman King: Osorezan Revoir fanlisting~ ^_^ I'm so excited, the (little) OR arc is one of my favorites :D I'll have to see when I can get it up though, since finals are coming up.

Lastly, a couple of icons that have been on my harddrive for a while. I was planning on making more, but I don't think I'll have much spare time any time soon.

TOTAL: [13]
[05] Fruits Basket
[05] One Piece
[03] Pitaten


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Yep, another post full of randomness~
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