April 5th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

Almost done + some new anime

So.. Two more days and I'm finally free from hell my testweeks :D Tomorrow's French, although I fear it because my pronounciation is really bad and I'll probably get a black out. Ugh. But then I heard it wasn't that hard, so I'll just hope for that. Friday's English, but I don't think there's much that can go wrong there. I just need to read the P&P summary again, and learn a couple of texts I had to look up. But really, I think oral(?) tests are harder than written tests, because I get much more nervous and you can't take your time thinking up the answer, or they'll assume you just don't know. And then you also have teachers who say you should've said more without having them to lead you *sigh* On another note, I got a 71% for my maths final, which was really good to hear, considering I only studied three chapters from the sixteen we had to do >D Now I just gotta hope I did well on Economics too, since I had a good feeling about it, but that usually turns out to be bad instead. And people should really raise their kids better, this morning I got scolded by a grade schooler, while the teacher was walking with a group. I didn't have time to talk to her about it, since I was already late. But really, the kid didn't look older than what, six years old?

Anyway, this time around there are loads of new anime series starting. I'm already planning to follow Nana & xxxHOLiC for sure, and probably also Disgaea, and I've been thinking maybe also Utawareru Mono & Ouran Koukou Host Club (thanks to lisamio and soifon, I just need to make more space because the harddrive for animanga stuff is already filled over 120+ gig, and at the moment there's like.. only 100 MB left? LOL I can't wait for the Nana anime, it's probably the one I'm looking forward to the most ♥

Haa, and although I don't think Bleach is very interesting at the moment (either the manga or the anime), I do think the new ending is awesome~ It has such a nice ring to it, imo ♥ And omg, all the shinigami in normal clothing in the opening *___* And my brother was all like, "THIS IS BECK". Oh, and cardcaptorkiki, did you hear the duet version of Yume no Tsubasa with Sakura & Syaoran? I think it's really nice, I might even like it better than the original :3
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