April 19th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

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I feel like I have vacation, with all these days off XD; But only one month left until exams.. I seriously need to start studying, but I could never bring myself to it with so many days between, or I just do it really slow. T_T;

I am too weak whenever I visit the local manga store, I always walk out with atleast one new volume. But, only two more volumes left until my Full Moon collection is complete :D And they still didn't have the first boxed set from the CCS manga. I wonder if it's still available, since they said they hadn't seen it in a while. Archonia doesn't have it either and I can't order from anywhere else because my parents don't trust net companies and such. I really want the boxset, instead of buying them apart. I want to buy the CCS artbooks also and have Archonia bring them to the animecon, but they don't have them. ;_;

And I just found out about the premium account lisamio talked about in my last post, I thought I had missed something LOL I tried it out, just to see how it looks, but I don't like it, and the only reason I'd use it would be for the 15 icon spaces. I guess I'll just keep the free account and six icon spaces, ads would make me feel like I'm on a freeserver like Geocities. Yep, I'm weird like that.
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