May 1st, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

Anime rambling

I watched the first episode of Tsubasa Chronicle's new season yesterday evening. I actually like Blaze and Loop better than IT'S & Kazemichi Jet. Watch me ramble that I can't stop listening to them when I get used to them though XD; I don't like Tomoyo's voice either, but it might be because I watched too much CCS and am used to Iwao Junko as Tomoyo :3 I can't remember ever seeing Fye as shocked as he looked when Kuro started talking about Ashura. And woah, according to ANN, there's going to be a third season..? o_O; I never heard anything about that, but I guess I'll keep watching it as long as there aren't much fillers and the music stays good ♥

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