May 29th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

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I hate it when I change answers last minute, and my first answer was actually the right one. But I should have passed English with an 8 on my final grades list; that is, if the CITO people don't decide that it was made too good. :D Now there's only maths & Latin left on Thursday and then I'm somewhat free until June 16th. It's kind of sucky that re-take exams are right after that though, since I'm not sure on a few subjects whether I've passed or not, and I can only redo one of them. But I guess I'll worry about that later~

And lately I've been hooked on Pretear again. I need to get volume 4 from somewhere, since I only had scans up to the first chapter of it. Why o why is it still a month until the animecon ;-;
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