June 15th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

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Yesterday I went to an amusement park; it's been ages since I last went to one. I went with three friends, and we had a lot of fun, except when we got out of this one attraction where you got really wet in, we went to heat ourselves up in this cabin where you had to pay for. So we were standing in there, and suddenly this group of people (Maroccan/Turkish?) came by and stepped in. First, we asked them nicely to get out, because we were paying for it. They wouldn't get out, so I started to push them out, but they kept stepping in, or being pushed in by their friends to annoy us. When the machine stopped, we decided to get out and get warmed up by the weather itself instead. To me, it's people like them who confirm the prejudices against them. Fortunately, we didn't see them for the rest of the day.

Something totally different: I managed to catch up on the whole Prince of Tennis manga that's out so far in about three days. *runs from deserter_* I think it's good though :D It's hard for me to remember all those names though, since there are so many. So now that I've finished this, I'll start with other series. I love reading manga X3

Tomorrow results, I actually have no idea if I've passed or not, it'll depend on the norming they decide to use. I could check them myself, since they're up, but I'd rather not since I'm never sure if my answers are right or not. But ya, I'll probably have to go retake an exam.
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