June 23rd, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

Singing is fun~

I just got back from the party I threw with a friend because we graduated. I asked my brother to lend me his Playstation II + Singstar, just in case we were bored. So, we were talking and having fun, but I wanted to atleast ask if people wanted to sing, because it'd be a shame if I had brought it for nothing. I didn't think people would like it (especially the guys) but we ended up singing from like, around 22.00 until 3.30? And in the end there were just two girls and eight boys XDDD; I never imagined our guy friends would like Singstar, but we really had loads of fun ^___^ But seriously, my voice sounds so weird when I'm singing. There was this song I had to do in a battle (50/50 by uhh.. someone from the first Singstar game) and I couldn't hear what he was singing because my own voice was louder than the game - and it didn't even sound like me.

I haven't been this busy since I got into high school, I think. It's like, I stay home almost all year, and then suddenly, everyone is throwing graduation parties or we just decide to do things together because everyone is going to part ways. But it's fun though :D Now to see if I can wake up in time later to go and clean up the rest of the mess before we open the restaurant - and then head out to play pool after ♥
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