June 27th, 2006

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HanaKimi ramblings

I just finished HanaKimi a few minutes ago. I really, really liked it ^___^ There were so many funny parts, yet I've been holding my breath sometimes as well and even got a little bit teary-eyed in the last chapter. But I never expected it to turn out the way it did, so it was quite a surprise for me. (Although it was quite obvious it couldn't have continued the way it did, I can almost never guess what's going to happen.) Also, I think the chibi expressions were really cute~! X33

I also just found out that there's also going to be a Taiwanese drama version of it, or has it aired already? In any case, Mizuki is played by Ella from a band called S.H.E. I've always found her a bit boyish, but I can't see her acting as Mizuki actually, but I've never seen her play any parts so I can't judge her. Sano is going to be played by Wu Zun and Nakatsu by Jiro Wang, but I don't know either of them. But the one that surprised me most was the one playing Ashiya Shizuki, Mizuki's older brother. He's played by Lin Jun Jie, aka JJ Lin :O He looks so funny as Shizuki XDD I think I'll watch it when someone subs it, I'm curious as to how it'll turn out. ^^

Now that I've finished HanaKimi, I can focus on following and catching up with other anime & manga. I've been neglecting other things, because I wanted to finish HanaKimi first since I really liked it~ (lisamio, thank you again for uploading the chapters, I've got them now, so you can delete them from your server if you want *glomp* ♥)
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