July 2nd, 2006

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Acon2006 report~

I ended up going to the animecon today, because I had a free ticket and had a lot of fun~ Didn't see any anime/live-action or anything but I didn't mind because I didn't want to anyway :P When I arrived there at about 11.45, we went to hunt for some food first (only had cookies for breakfast) and then I wandered around with Mike which was fun nyooooo~ He was a werewolf from the Hellsing manga, but acting more like a cat, so we were like, ending everything with -nyo at the end and I'm still doing it now XDD Uhm.. so then we went to the dealerroom and I only bought one Dutch doujin, a Winry keychain for my sister + either an Alphonse keychain or a small Rinoa figure for a friend and I'll keep the other one myself XD;

After that my sister and boyfriend came by, so we went to get food and I stuffed myself way too much and then came back to watch the cosplay competition. There were some pretty good acts and cosplays, but I think it's such a shame that every year, it seems like people go farther and farther in the way they (un)dress during the acts. And somehow, every year the technicians manage to screw up things with the music. Photoshoot after that (it was so chaotic!) and then off to.. karaoke :D It was booked full from 21.00 - 01.00 so fast, but in the end, everyone who wanted to sing along just came forward and sang, so in the end I did get to sing a few songs. (D-tecnolife (Bleach - I was too small to see anything :3), Eternal Snow (Full Moon) & Lost Heaven (FMA)) And then had to head home earlier than expected because of a stupid miscommunication. >_<

All in all, even with no watching any anime at an anime convention, I still had so much fun, just seeing everyone again and hanging out together. It's too bad we don't see each other that much, and animecon just realy costs too much just to see other people. I can't wait until Abunai! ♥ I hope it'll have karaoke all day, instead of just in the evenings again. I decided, I'm going whether my parents like it or not. I can't stand not being able to go, just because they're holding grudges against Japan -_-

Ahh.. I really wanted to go to AnimeExpo as well, which was also this weekend I think. Alas, can't have everything, right?
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