July 14th, 2006

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Mars + vacation

Woah, I've been doing nothing but useless stuff these days. I've been meaning to cleaning my room, finish an upcoming fl and other things, but ended up watching things instead. I'm still busy rewatching Meteor Garden, but I got more interested in the Mars drama because that was in the same playlist LOL Mainly because it has Vic Zhou (周渝民) starring in it though XD; I haven't seen any episodes yet, though I did download the first one. I really like the opening song ♥ (If anyone wants the mp3 version let me know and I'll upload it ^^) Because most of the eps weren't subbed, I decided to read the manga (which was really good ♥) and now I can't really imagine Vic playing Rei after his role in Meteor Garden, but I saw some clips and it was quite convincing :3 And he plays together with Barbie Hsu/大 S, whom I though was just playing in one or two episodes, instead of being Kira XD So now I'm actually pretty excited about watching it >w<

Talking about drama's.. I realized Taiwan made a lot of drama's out of manga's - Hana Yori Dango, Peach Girl, Initial D etc. etc. I've only seen a few of them, but I hear a lot of stuff about always changing the original script and stuff. I'm quite ticked off because for the HanaKimi drama, they made Mizuki fat in the beginning, and after seeing Sano she decides to get thinner. Why can't she just admire him like in the manga? I can understand why Mizuki went to go to an all boys school in the manga, but the drama? Probably the only reason I'm going to watch it is because of all the pretty boys XD;

Putting those things aside, I'll soon be off to China on vacation. I'll be gone from July 18th - August 23th, so if I promised to do anything and didn't yet do it, let me know because I'm quite forgetful and tend to do things last minute. Also, that means I probably won't have time to do my staff duties at Olympia, soifon & lisamio, I hope that's okay ._. I'll try to find an internet cafe to check my mail, LJ and other stuff, but I'm not sure if it's possible. My aunt does have an internet connection but it's quite expensive so I don't want to hog all the time they'd be using it ^^; Plus I'll probably be spending the last two/three weeks sightseeing in various places. (If anyone has tips I can do without the computer, like book reccomendations and stuff, please tell me~) Also, I always send out cards to my friends when I'm in China, so if any of you want to get a card, leave your name + address behind in a comment or email me, and I'll send you one ♥ (Comments will be screened.) Ahh.. I hope I can learn some more Chinese while I'm there :3

Yay, so now I'll be off to go watch the first episode of Mars XD;
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