July 17th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water


I still haven't packed my things, and still haven't finished cleaning my room yet. I so win at procastinating XD But I did manage to finish the two upcomings I had. Too bad I didn't have time to revamp anything else, but I'm already out of layout material so it doesn't matter anyway :3 The last two plugs you'll see in the coming five weeks:


And then, for myself, a list of what I need to do before I leave:
- Clean my room.
- Pack my stuff.
- Buy things to do for when I'm bored?
- Burn a CD with songs to listen to.
- Burn MARS on DVDs to watch there.
- Charge my discman.
- Print out piano sheets?

Surprisingly, there isn't much that I think I'll need to take with me. Or otherwise I'll just buy it for a cheap price LOL~
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