August 14th, 2006

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Small report & meme's

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY soifon!!!!! (Argh, hope I can persuade my parents to let me meet with you ;-;)

Got home yesterday from a boat trip. I'm still a bit dizzy though. We went to 武汉 with some other friends of ours, went along the Yangtze River, and saw a lot of different things, mostly mountains (including the back of the 10 yuan paper money XD) though. I even made some new friends who are from Beijing :D We already have about 2000 pictures and we still have a bit more than a week left @_@;

I'm looking forward to Tuesday since we're going to a karaoke place. /loves to sing :D The only problem is that I can't read the Chinese & Japanese characters, so I either need to remember all the lyrics, or I can only sing English songs :3

And a meme from lisamio & soifon:
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And then a meme from _deserter:
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And now I need to get home because it's 00.30 and I need to sleep :P I need to get to the internet cafe earlier in the afternoon to read my flist ;-; *misses flist's posts*
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