September 4th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

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I haven't been posting in here for a while, but that's alright since I wanted to cut down my computer time anyway. Yet I went ahead and downloaded the entire Honey & Clover anime yesterday evening (and it was done six hours later!) and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu a few days ago. I'll just ignore the fact I still need to catch up with all the other anime I'm currently following XD After hearing loika and arionwing talk so enthusiastic about Honey & Clover, I just couldn't resist wanting to watch it ^^;

Other than that, I've been wanting to revamp a lot of sites and fanlistings, but I don't have any inspiration to do so. I just keep using textures to create a layout, but I want to do something else again. It seems as if I've forgotten how to, though. I guess I should just open up Photoshop, do something random with an image and hope it comes out okay..? XD

/runs off to her first day of uni~
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