September 17th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

"I will never take the bus again!"

Or so I would like to say, but I doubt I would keep that promise. But really, having a car crashing against a bus while you're sitting in that bus is not a nice experience. Luckily it wasn't too full or else people could've gotten serious injuries, as the glass doors didn't have glass anymore. The whole front part of the car is broken, but nobody got hurt (the person sitting two seats in front of me got a huge shock though, because he thought he'd get hit by the car). In any case, nobody got hurt as far as I know, so it all turned out fine.

I talked to my cousin today, and she said she'd be willing to make me a cosplay for the upcoming convention, Abunai!. But since she also needs to get started on her own cosplay (which is quite difficult), mine should be a fairly simple one. The only idea I have right now is Kairi's (pink) outfit from Kingdom Hearts II, but then probably a bit longer :3 I hope it's kind of do-able, but in case it isn't: If anyone on my flist has any suggestions for a simple cosplay, please let me know and I'll keep it in mind ^^
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