November 15th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

Meme answers

Meme answers from my last post~

06. It's obvious I'll be the first lady when you become the king, but you need to train a lot more first. Shaman King

11. Eating a fruit = no more swimming for you. One Piece, paperjetpilot, soifon & proglution

12. Pretty boys make me nosebleed, I'd rather stay in the dark. Perfect Girl Evolution, paperjetpilot, soifon & proglution

13. Even if I'm a destroyer, I want to be able to save people as well. D.Gray-man, paperjetpilot & soifon

14. Boy who acts like a ninja, is a from a real ninja clan 400 years ago. Flame of Recca, soifon

15. I will make the bread to represent my country! Yakitate! Japan, soifon & proglution

16. Cursed people who change into animals. Fruits Basket, rohan1208, paperjetpilot, suzukaze, snowlillie, soifon & proglution

17. Boy likes girl, who likes alter!boy, who likes her twin who likes the first boy. (This one was really confusing/not accurate? XD;) D.N. Angel, snowlillie

18. School prefects are actually school guardians. Vampire Knight, soifon & proglution

19. Seven Angels and Seven Seals fight for the fate of the world. X, snowlillie, soifon & proglution

20. I'm just a stray cat, trying to make a living. Black Cat, soifon

Next to that, I finally received my Archonia order (which should've come in yesterday T_T). However, I'm missing two Air Gear capsules ;o; So I don't really dare to put the ones I do have together. I've just sent an email to them, so I hope to get an answer and the two missing ones soon, but otherwise I think I'll just keep the four I have now.
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