November 29th, 2006

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Secret Santa (& meme)

Because I promised paperjetpilot to post the answers to the questions I asked Daphne about this year's TAFL Secret Santa. It's also posted here, but for the lazy people because I feel nice:

Q. How exactly do we get the presents to our picked person?
A. There's a seperate gmail account made for this occasion. (Username: tafl.santa06 & password: secrets4nt4fun)

Q. How many presents do we have to make every week?
A. You can send as much or as little as you want. However, if you're making codes, a set is probably best (one for each code size).

Q. When are the presents due?
A. The first date is 10th December, the second due date 17th December and the last due date is 24th December.

Q. The email I'm supposed to send the presents to is bouncing, what do I do?
A. Try the email listed in the Likes/Dislikes thread. If it's the same address or still bouncing, post an anynomous comment in one of the relevant Secret Santa topics.

Just from what's posted now, but keep an eye on the TAFL topic, because I won't update this post :3

And woot, I also got my pick, so I can start with that as well. Now to figure out what I'll be making :P

Oh, and also a meme. I got the letter N from paperjetpilot, so I'm supposed to name 10 6 things I like that start with an N.

01. Nana, the manga, I dropped the anime after episode two or so xD;
02. Naruto, because somehow I just like it.
03. Ninjutsu, because ninja's pwn us xDD
04. Nine, the ninth month is September, which is my birthday month ♥
05. Nicolaas, Sint. Also known as Sinterklaas, which is a sort of Dutch variant on Christmas on 5th December. But we also have Christmas ;D
06. Nagayama Takashi, who plays Hitsugaya in the Bleach musical *bricked*

Okay, so I cheated. My brain's empty now, but I might edit this post later if I ever come up with something 8D Comment if you want to get a letter~ Although you people aren't supposed to cheat like me.
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