December 18th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

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I finally finished writing all the cards, so I'll be bringing them to the post office tomorrow. I actually wanted to do it today, but it was really busy and I didn't have the time to stand there waiting, because I went to see Happy Feet in the cinema :D It was such a nice movie, I really liked it. Young!Mumble was so adorable ♥ And I could totally not recognize the voices behind them, even though I knew :3 (admittedly, I didn't try that hard either xD)

This noon I booked my first driving lesson :O My mom has been asking me to take lessons forever, but I was always too lazy to compare different schools and to call them, so I ended up just calling one my friends recommended. It's only a try-out though, to see how many lessons I'd need and stuff. I'm still free to decide whether I want to learn with this school or another after that. I feel nervous already LOL

And somehow my cPanel says I'm using about 120MB of the provided space, but when I sum up the space under Disk Usage Viewer, I only get about 70MB, so where is the other 50MB coming from? @_@ And am I supposed to delete things under the temporary directory, because two folders in there take up most of the space, but I've never touched them because I have more than enough space left. *feels dumb for asking*
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