December 28th, 2006

syaoran: drops of water

Amidst the endless regrets

I've had my first driving lesson today~ I didn't do much except for steering and hitting the brakes though LOL Somehow it wasn't as hard as I thought, yet quite.. difficult. But it was fun though 8D

Christmas was a lot of working. We closed earlier on Monday, so we went to visit some friends, where our parents chatted and we watched Ice Age 2 & The DaVinci Code, which were both nice to watch. I loved the Scrat parts as always :D And I got an external hard drive from my brother. I would've repaid him, but he said to consider it a Christmas gift ♥ Now all I need to do is re-install Windows because it's acting weird, and then I won't have to burn things for a while, since it has 320GB of space *____*

Lastly, I posted a big batch of icons over at suishou_icons for the holidays, which contains 74 icons from different fandoms :3


( This path we walked through )
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