January 5th, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

I just believe that you will come back to me

I'm actually being somewhat productive?! First of all, The White Moon Network has been given a revamp. I was actually in the middle of coding a layout when I got my last TAFL Secret Santa gift, which was a lovely header from airi. I thought it would be nice to put that up first, and then to use the one I already had for something else, ie. fl collective or something. But changing the layout was bothersome, so I just made an entirely new layout for Connected. Spoilers for chapters 108+ of TRC though *pokes suzukaze*

Lastly, I gave Kindhearted a new layout and updated some content there. I'm already kind of tired of that layout though, since I made it somewhere in November, but never put it up >>;

Non-web wise, I met up with paperjetpilot & Rene Wednesday, which had both its good and bad sides xD; We just walked around in the city and went into a few stores. I wanted to buy Final Fantasy VII, because I felt the need to return the one I borrowed two years ago since I hadn't played that in ages xD; Rene then pointed us to a game store, where we first searched through all the PS1 games and couldn't find it. And when we were about to ask a worker there, I saw it standing next to me in the display window next to me, next to FFVIII. I ended up buying both because I've heard people say FFVIII was (pretty) good.

After that I went to go play on the Wii at a friends place and owned him with bowling xD; And stayed there too long as always, so they brought me home after we first went to the Mac to get some food first ^^

I wonder how long it'll take for me to start playing the games LOL
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