January 22nd, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

Gazing up the blue sky

Thanks for the replies on my last post *♥ you all* My dad was pretty against me going as well, and yesterday my mom suddenly said it would be better if I didn't go, because he might think it was really bad because I came as well. I thought about it and I suppose she is somewhat right, so for now I'll just see how it goes, I guess.

On another note, finals have started and although I'm trying to be serious about studying, I suck at disciplining myself and get distracted by everything. I should really try my best to make it this year though, so I guess I'll be less online for the rest of the week and won't be on any messengers (well, MSN is still ignoring me since early December, so I've been on Google Talk most of the time). I bet I'll find something else to distract myself with though XD; Plus feeling sleepy doesn't help at all.

And because of everything that's been happening and I'm just forgetful, I forgot to apply for both the +Anima and Black Cat fanlistings. Somehow I'm not upset over it though, which is pretty strange. I mean, I'd probably still squee happily if I was approved for anything, but I don't feel down if I get rejected/miss an opportunity to apply. I guess I'm just growing up taking fanlistings a lot less serious than before, which I feel is actually a good thing.

Oh, if anyone is interested, here is a zip file with a few Shaman King songs. Originally uploaded for soifon but I thought I might as well share the link ^_^
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