April 12th, 2007

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My mother is addicted to Solitaire. It makes me cry, because she always comes to bother me just when I'm busy with things and don't want to let her on the computer, but then she just plays anyway when I'm gone for a second and doesn't leave until waaaaaaaay later, like 2 or 3AM or something D: I wish the laptop was still here.

Um, I guess I'll post some sort of introduction post for new people later, since I'm tired and want to sleep >_>;
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syaoran: drops of water

Intro post

Hello hello to all new people (which aren't a lot, but hey, new = new)! I wasn't really planning on doing an introduction post (I suck at them), but seeing as most people did, who am I to go against the flow?

My nickname for the past five years has been ChibiTwinkle, but it's long so feel free to call me Chibi or Chibi-chan or whatever xD I don't really like to have my real name floating around the whole 'net, since well.. I'm just weird and don't like seeing my name written down 8D I've been thinking about getting a new alias, but I'm so used to this one, it would feel strange to change it T_T (and I haven't thought up any anyways)

Anime and manga somewhat control my life.. I spend most of my time watching or reading, and thus end up doing assignments just before the deadline xD; You could somewhat say I live under a rock, since I don't really follow what happens in the world, I just watch the news once a month or something x_x

I own shiroi-tsuki.net, but it's currently dead since the renewing payment hasn't been done yet.. and I don't know when that'll happen, since I'm not the one who's paying. Somehow I don't think it'll be back soon but we'll see :3 Note: this is also the reason for all those road images, since I'm too lazy to replace/remove them D:

I usually post about the evil called university, or random things that bother me or happened in my life (which is actually really boring). I also post web updates, which are mostly just new layouts, and pimp new icons I post at my icon journal suishou_icons.

Lastly, I'm kind of crappy when it comes to keeping in touch with people. Don't worry though, I read all the posts on my flist~ Somehow I've never really been a social person, either in real life or on instant messengers, so you won't see me striking up a conversation easily, because it'd usually die in five minutes, and I'd say something random hours later 8D; Which is why I hardly ever add anyone on MSN :3

Durr.. time for dinner! Which means the end of this post, but it was getting too long anyway xD If you want to know something though, just comment and I'll answer later~ ♥

edit: I forgot to say, I don't do friends cuts, but if you want to de-friend, go ahead, although please let me know ^^;
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