May 10th, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

We're all free to roam around the streets

Oh jeez, I was so nervous today, since I had this driving test to see how horrible good I am on the road. I ended up doing pretty well though, the examiner didn't point out anything new, so all I have to do now is continue practicing what we (= me & instructor) already thought would be pointed out. All that nervousness was gone once I started driving LOL

Hopefully I'll pass the first time when I need to do it for real. It'd be a nice addition, seeing both my brother & sister got their licenses on their first try, but I've been told I'm putting too much pressure on myself with this, so yeah, I'll just hope for the best >3

On a totally unrelated matter: TRC is getting more awesome with each chapter! ♥ Collapse )

Oh, and snowlillie, evadoll & citren_acidz, in case you guys missed it: your icons are done and posted here ^^
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