May 16th, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

What is it you were searching for?

I got an email from Archonia (an online animanga store) telling me my Archonia Points are expiring this week, so I went and checked what stuff they had I might be interested in. Oh I wish I hadn't, because I always spend too much time looking at what they have to offer. I have this small bag fetish that I love buying bags, but hardly ever use most of them, and while browsing, I came across this. Even though I find it expensive, I'm 90% sure I'll be buying it D:

I think I might also buy a few figurines and maybe a few (Japanese) manga, just because shipping is free if it's picked up at the upcoming anime convention, and so it'll be cheaper than my manga store XD; But I'll be really broke afterwards though LOL I just hope it can be picked up by my friend, since I don't have a ticket and €40 is just too much to pay for one day when I only hang out with people and sing a bit of karaoke/play DDR.

Putting that aside, I finally uploaded a new layout here and actually (dare I say it?) added some content. It's not completely done yet, but I've been working on this for about two weeks already. I'm just really slow and couldn't stand it anymore and just uploaded what I had so far. I find it so hard to write down the right words to describe everything. I feel really envious when I see people who have a lot of good shrines, I wish I could do that :3

I always look forward to Thursday, since that's when my weekend starts. Having three days in a row staying until 4PM at university being active just sucks out too much energy sometimes so early weekend = win. Except tomorrow is a holiday, which means I'll have to work ;~;
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