June 4th, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

Across this sea of mournful sorrow

I got my bag, along with all the other stuff I ordered this Saturday at the annual animecon~ (with lots of thanks to paperjetpilot's friends for picking it up for me ♥!) At first sight, it looks quite small, but it's big enough to fit in my large notebook, which is a bit bigger than A4 format. And the HanaKimi artbook has a hard cover! I seriously thought it would have a soft cover like all the other ones I have >w< A more detailed report (well, not that detailed since I wasn't there for long) tomorrow with pictures X3

I've been kind of busy playing Mario & Luigi Partners in Time for the Nintendo DS lately, that my sister left here last week. For someone who doesn't game a lot (hell, I bought Final Fantasy VII and VIII early January this year and still haven't started on either of them), it's quite addicting :3 I've been playing until late at night instead of sleeping haha. But I need sleep now xD *runs off*
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