August 6th, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

Happiness enters our world

Wow, I've been wanting to post since this afternoon, but a lot of stuff came up so didn't post until now :3

First of all, I finally got my driver's license after eight months and two exams. I was actually fairly certain I wouldn't have passed again today, but surprisingly, I only got one remark from the examinator. I felt like this time, it went worse than last time, but maybe that's just because my instructor has been telling me I don't know how many times how well I was driving during the first exam (well, except for some points, otherwise I would've passed then). In any case, I'm glad the whole thing is over :3

I'd be off tomorrow to request my license, but I'm heading off to a friend's place for his birthdaymeet, so will do that once I'm back. I'm really excited to go there, because I got to convince my mother to actually let me go, since she'd rather not have I meet up with people outside my hometown for reasons I don't know. So because of that, I told her I'd sleep at my sister's place, but since she'll be there as well, it probably won't be a problem since she can cover for me LOL It's been a while since I've seen these people, so it'll be lots of fun ♥

Lastly, a plug for two revamped networks by some really talented girls~ Go go check out the Lost Memories Studio as well as the Athrun Faction! ♥
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