September 27th, 2007

syaoran: drops of water

Let me have a ray of light

I finally uploaded something to fioriera, so for those on my flist who like Shin Hyesung's songs, you can get both of his albums there. I think I should open up requests, since I have no idea what the members there like, but I have so much stuff I don't want to write that all down XD;

So yesterday I finally told my mom that I'll be going to the Abunai convention. Usually she throws a small fit, and doesn't want me to go, but this time she only asked if it wouldn't be too straining. I think she's accepting the fact that, even if she didn't want me to go, I'd still go (secretly), but this way is much easier LOL We also have a wedding on Friday evening though, but if I can get the day off, it'll be the first time I can actually attend the opening ceremony again, I'd just have to get home earlier than normal ^^ One week left! ♥
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