February 18th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

Not going to think

I was just reminded that there's a TC due on Wednesday, that completely slipped my mind over the weekend, what with all the spamming that has been going on, and forgetting to star the message. 509am, I'll do my best to try and get it done by then, but hopefully you won't mind too much if it's a bit later ^^;

Talking about spamming, I'll probably do comment stats soon or something, seeing as a lot on my flist have been doing them? ROFL I like to go along with the flow :X

Aaaand since I'm posting anyway, I'll pimp my super overdue icon batch here (and I totally blame all the NEWS icons on suzukaze):

TOTAL: 118 icons
[18] Hanazakari no Kimitache e
[02] Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
[01] Naruto
[77] NEWS
[08] Shakugan no Shana
[03] Shinshi Doumei Cross
[09] Spiral


( Reach for the stars )
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