July 4th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water


I was planning on heading for bed like, 4 hours ago, but got sidetracked really bad. Good thing I don't have to wake up before 4PM in the afternoon LOLz I'm so excited now though, because I just found out something that was anticipated, but never confirmed:

There will be a DVD for the NEWS Pacific Concert Tour!! *____*

ZOMG Do want. I've gotten my sister acquainted with the words free worldwide shipping, so maybe I'll actually buy it from the internet, or get her to buy it while she's in Japan!

Also, a new Tegomass song is confirmed to be the ending song for the Neo Angelique Abyss sequel, which will start airing this Sunday. I'm so excited to hear it!! I thought it would take ages before another Tegomass single would be released (since there hasn't been any news about a new NEWS release either no pun intended), but this is so awesome~~
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