November 13th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

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Since I've been working on coloring this manga panel this past week and finished it yesterday, I figured I might as well use it to bring some life to my icon community (well, I guess it should be considered a graphics comm now?), which has been pretty inactive since February. A preview of two works can be seen below. Follow the link to see the entry with full versions and some comments.

Last week I ordered some manga and the package finally arrived today! It was later than usual, and I was about to email the company because usually they ship it out the day after payment arrives, but I got the "shipment sent out" email yesterday so all was good. I just woke up when they rang at the door and by the time I got downstairs and opened the door, the mailman was already in the process of giving it to my neighbour haha~ I only ordered stuff I had already read online, and two volumes of +Anima which were never scanlated. Now I can finally say I finished the series! I started reading it back in.. 2002 or 2003? I don't even remember anymore, only that I started reading it when paperjetpilot gave me scanlations along with a few other series.

Second term just started and from what I've seen, the two projects I have will be sucking up my time big time. Three different ways of data gathering AND analyzing in about three weeks + preparing a presentation for that? I'm already dreading it just thinking about it, and that's just one project.

I should change my userpics, seeing as how I'm not even using half of them.
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