November 15th, 2008

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Exciting NEWS! (Yes, pun intended) and some KHR babbling

Ahhhh I'm listening to the new NEWS album now, I'm 3/4th through at the moment, but I like it already! I'm definately biased when I say that though hahaha~ Murarisuto sounds like such a Koyama/Shige song, just the way it sounds, it reminds me so much of Chirarizumu XDDD I freaked out my sister when I saw it, I think she seriously thought I had gone nuts LMAO. Now I'm just waiting for Tegomass' Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi single to be brought out. The song came out early July, but I have yet to hear the full version or anything about a single ;~;

On the note of music, I signed myself up for a LastFM account yesterday, so feel free to friend me! Also, lately I've been reminding myself to update my list of what I'm watching/reading at MyAnimeList, so feel free to add me there too, just let me know who you are ♥

I was discussing some One Piece points with proglution yesterday evening, and it made me sad when I realized I had nobody to talk to about the newest Reborn chapter, because it was so WTF. I was planning on making a post after I read it, but I suppose I can do it now too. It feels like such a long time since I've talked about any anime/manga here xD proglution, I'm kind of stealing your way of doing it, I hope you don't mind xD

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That turned out longer than expected. I'm probably overlooking a lot of things and some things might have already been answered, but yeah~ In the mean time, I've already listened to the color album twice, which should give you some sort of indication how long typing up this post took me LOL
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