December 27th, 2008

cooro: the sky holds my dream

Better late than never?

Happy Holidays! ♥

Usually I make a (small) card for the holidays, but not this year because I haven't come across any nice pictures and I'm too lazy to search for one. In any case, I hope those who celebrate it have had a good Christmas! We don't celebrate it, so I spent mine working and playing Pokemon Diamond since my brother got his girlfriend's DS for the holidays :3 Some things that happened this past week (since that's where most things happened lol):

  • I sent out the cards somewhere last week, so I hope they've arrived safely! I've also received cards from paperjetpilot, zexy_schemer and suzukaze (where are you?! ;o;), thank you~! ♥
  • I've been cleaning my room (it's such a mess!) and am about.. halfway done. I need to find the motivation to do part two, which is the part that needs to be cleaned most.
  • My sister gave me a gift that was supposed to be for my birthday, which was a TRC!Sakura PVC(?) figure.
  • My dad came back on Monday, and brought with him a copy of JJ Lin's Sixology my cousin bought for me! ♥ I was surprised at how big it was!
  • I went shopping with my sister on Tuesday, and had sushi for dinner with a friend. Also my first time having takoyaki, but it was not what I expected LOL. Still want to try it from another place, since they had no space left when my sister called to reserve seats.

I should actually be using this break to catch up on anime, since I've been leeching a lot of series, but I'll be going back to playing on the DS now, since it'll be gone next week lulz. I'm also thinking of doing a small friends cut soon, for the same reasons as last time (finding myself skipping over posts, no (mutual) commenting etc.), so no hard feelings? I'm not going to make a separate post for it, so I'll wish you the best for 2009 and on here.