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Everybody singing power

Today was fairly.. uneventful. I had a lecture from 8.30~10.15AM, but I was so tired I went straight back to bed once I got home and slept until like, 3.30PM XD Took a quick shower and then went to work. I can't believe I slept so long~ But I guess it was kind of logical since I only slept 4 hours the day before XD;

University work really is piling up quickly for this term. I only have four subjects, but three of them are so big, that I'm already tired just thinking of how much work it'll be. But on the other hand, it'll be interesting, since for two subjects we get to work with real employers. We have to give them advice on a certain problem, and the thing is, they might even really implement that! It makes us more pumped up to work hard on it, since well.. yeah, we also don't really want to embarrass ourselves XD;

On a totally unrelated note, iceduelist was kind enough to nominate me for "Most Underrated" at the animanga icon awards that's being pimped a lot out there (atleast on my flist XD) ♥ I haven't iconned in so long, so I really wasn't expecting that haha~ I am working on a new icon batch, but who knows when that will see the light XD
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