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Light inside the darkness


They're finally finished after almost three weeks T___T I like the results though, and even though skinning the Kiss FL one took me way more time than I thought, it's worth it haha~ Just too bad I couldn't get the script to work when I put the links on the main page :\ I know there are people on my flist who have either Furuba or Lovely Complex fanlistings, so if you want to affiliate, just leave a note here :D

I've been wondering if I should make an update journal, so that everything's in one place (since I'm too lazy/forgetful to open up FTP every time for updates), but on the other hand, I'd probably still post them here too, so it might be a bit repetitive?

Anyway, now that my upcomings are cleared, I can finally start on that domain revamp. I don't think I'll actually make it before the anniversary, but who knows haha~ I've been working more lately and I keep forgetting to finish assignments, only to be reminded by classmates. Atleast now that my dad's back he'll probably take some of the workload. Right, time for bed now /hops off~
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