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With a smile, you grabbed a hold of my arm

Taking a break from all uni-related things, to say that raws for Special A and Vampire Knight are finally out at TokyoTosho. I know proglution couldn't wait for a raw version of VK, and I suspect there are a few others who might want to leech one or both of them ;) Well, there are more raws out, but those two are the only ones I've been waiting for, as I don't know yet what I'm going to follow for this season that I actually want to download the raws for.

I might do some squeeing about S.A once subs are out, since I could only understand little bits. The ending just had me go "what?" because I didn't expect it, but I'm pretty satisfied so far with the animation and voices atleast ^___^

In other spring anime news, most people have already squeed over it, but the Code Geass ending is just gorgeous. I thought they'd just have some animation again, but this is even better, CLAMP art for the win! Now hopefully we'll get more answers in the upcoming few episodes, the first one still left quite a few questions for me atleast.

Going to watch VK raw now, and then back to studying and listening to Aiai Kasa
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