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Unwilling to say goodbye

I think I did an okay job of posting somewhat regularly, up until my last post LOL. Not that there were any major events, I've been busy mostly with projects and work.

I've been somewhat keeping up with a few of the spring series I've been following, like Special A and Code Geass, but since I usually follow only one subbing group, I'm way behind with others. I guess I should stop being picky or atleast pick groups who are faster with releasing haha~ Atleast I got my sister into Special A, and got her to read the whole Fruits Basket manga within a week ;3

Talking about S.A, I finished Hikari's fanlisting a while back, but never got around to plug it here, so here we go. I forgot that they said her dress was originally blue though, until I saw the preview for episode 6, but yeah, too lazy to change XD; Now to find some time to revamp some other places, although I'm somehow thinking that won't happen until summer vacation comes >____>;

Oh well, I'll leave you guys with a meme, haven't done any in a long, long time. Until next time~ Whenever that is.

share your friends meme PART 2

ETA: Short animecon meeting last Saturday was fun, though it was mostly sitting outside and talking because I didn't have a ticket again LOLz paperjetpilot's cake was very yummy, and I am now the proud owner of a "Cake & Friends" shirt 8D; I should take a picture of it later to show how cute it is~ :3
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