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Guess who's still alive?

I haven't posted here in forever, maybe all that talk about posting regularly made me lose all my posting spirit haha~ Anyway, sorry for not commenting for such a long time, at first I just didn't post any entries, but did keep commenting, however I had a lot of work to finish so I kinda stopped commenting when this month started. I did try to keep reading the flist, but I might have missed some stuff here and there ;3 Let's just say this was my unannounced LJ hiatus. I'm finished with uni for the year now though, except I still need to get feedback on one project and will have to work on it if we didn't pass and I have to edit one other report since we failed it because we didn't like our employer (this is just our guess though). Other than that, I'm trying to enjoy my vacation with doing nothing all day but watching and reading stuff, and work. For those who still have exams and all that, hang in there, you're almost done (hopefully)!! ♥

Now that it's decided I won't go to China this year, I'll hopefully have enough time to actually focus on some web stuff, like revamping super old layouts and finally adding some decent content to fanlistings. I haven't been iconing in forever either, so look forward to an icon post.. soonish probably LOLz

I hope everyone's doing fine~ ♥ /clings to flist~
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