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Freeze that moment in time

First of all; HAPPY BIRTHDAY, soifon! Again, I hope today is a great and not suckable day for you ♥

After waiting an extra week, I finally got my new glasses yesterday. When I came there last week, the girl at the store didn't know what she should do, because I had two different kind of glasses, and when I told her why that was the case, she told me I had to wait until they were actually put into the frame (well duh). So she sent them to the glasses shop near my house, and they would call me when it was done. I didn't get any phone calls though, so I ended up going there the day before to check if they had actually received it. Turns out the employee had sent them back to the first store. I was told it should've been done on Saturday - if they'd just called me when it was done, I could've picked it up here instead of having to get it in the city ~_~

Just now the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games was on TV (it's still going on now), and since my brother asked me to record it, I ended up watching the whole thing. I thought it was really pretty and awesome how they were so in sync, not bumping into each other etc. And all the lights~ I'm a sucker for pretty sights hee xD Right now all the participant countries are coming up, but I have yet to see the Netherlands come by LOL

Also, is anyone on my flist using the program Minilyrics? It's a program so you can get lyrics on your mp3-player. I downloaded the latest version, but somehow it's not really working here, it apparantly doesn't find either Winamp or Windows Media Player :3 I want to sing some songs but I can't remember the lyrics LOLz And maybe I'll sign up for a karaoke contest at the upcoming convention, but not really sure about that yet xD

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