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Exciting NEWS! (Yes, pun intended) and some KHR babbling

Ahhhh I'm listening to the new NEWS album now, I'm 3/4th through at the moment, but I like it already! I'm definately biased when I say that though hahaha~ Murarisuto sounds like such a Koyama/Shige song, just the way it sounds, it reminds me so much of Chirarizumu XDDD I freaked out my sister when I saw it, I think she seriously thought I had gone nuts LMAO. Now I'm just waiting for Tegomass' Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi single to be brought out. The song came out early July, but I have yet to hear the full version or anything about a single ;~;

On the note of music, I signed myself up for a LastFM account yesterday, so feel free to friend me! Also, lately I've been reminding myself to update my list of what I'm watching/reading at MyAnimeList, so feel free to add me there too, just let me know who you are ♥

I was discussing some One Piece points with proglution yesterday evening, and it made me sad when I realized I had nobody to talk to about the newest Reborn chapter, because it was so WTF. I was planning on making a post after I read it, but I suppose I can do it now too. It feels like such a long time since I've talked about any anime/manga here xD proglution, I'm kind of stealing your way of doing it, I hope you don't mind xD

Okay, so aside from the fact that Shouichi is apparantly not a bad guy, I will get to that later, I'm just going to note a few things that came to mind while reading.

So Shouichi is talking about how ignorant everyone is about the round device, but exactly how is it ignorant, when they don't even know what purpose it has? They only had a hunch that it might have been something important and, like Gokudera says, might have something to do with how they got there/can get back. Anyway, we get to know what the device actually is and I have to admit, I totally did not expect that. Though granted, I hardly ever think what purpose something might have 8D Does anyone know who's who in the picture? It should be everyone but Ryohei, since was still in his TYL form and I doubt Amano would let the switch happening without us seeing it (like how the readers were shown when everyone else switched).

It's a good way of preventing the TYL!guardians going to the past and having them chance the course of things there (LOL Insert TRC/HOLiC's notion of how things can change enormously just by changing one thing). It might explain why TYL!Gokudera told his younger self to kill TYL!Shouichi, instead of telling them to do that when they get back to the past (sorry, can't remember the exact chapter that was mentioned). Though then the question is, did TYL!Gokudera know he wouldn't be able to go back to the past and would be stuck in that machine? How much did he and the other TYL!guardians know?

That said, if young!Shouichi was the one to shoot everyone, how much does he know? Considering his personality from the earlier volumes, he doesn't really seem the type who would believe it. Although, if he has been to the future before, maybe they somehow persuaded him into it? Will get back to this later. Also, is what Reborn told Yamamoto about the protection of the 7^3? It seems likely, but at the moment I'm more amused that he's still unconscious LOL

So, I guess the biggest WTF-factor in this chapter was the fact that Shouichi is actually an ally?! (I wonder why they didn't paste this together?) Someone in the KHR comm. was saying how it actually wasn't such a big surprise, because the Cervello kept a close eye on him and that might mean that Byakuran might not trust him 100%, although he treats Shouichi like he does. It also mentioned how sending Spanner to deal with Tsuna was part of his plan, because he knew Spanner'd be interested in Tsuna's abilities and would help him complete the X-burner. What I'm personally more interested in is, if he's really an ally, how long Shouichi has been faking the fact he was Byakuran's ally. From the start? Or did something happen to make him switch sides? How did he, someone outside from the mafia, get into the whole deal anyway? With this chapter, it's pretty much confirmed that the person hiding here is Shouichi. Has he been keeping an eye on Tsuna and the gang since he first met them, and how was he sent into the future in the first place? I think one of the chapters mentioned how the Bovino family is the only one in possession of the 10-year bazooka, so did Lambo accidentally sent Shouichi into the future by accident when he was randomly shooting at Reborn one day (and which wasn't shown to the readers) or did someone else get his hands on some sort of time travelling machine? So many questions, but hopefully the next chapter will clear up atleast a some.

That turned out longer than expected. I'm probably overlooking a lot of things and some things might have already been answered, but yeah~ In the mean time, I've already listened to the color album twice, which should give you some sort of indication how long typing up this post took me LOL

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