Elysa (chibikaitou) wrote,

Christmas cards!

The ball on Thursday was fun, but I think I got sick from the cold weather D: I might elaborate more on the party later.. if I feel any better. Not that much interesting stuff happened, aside from one of my friends thinking I was flirting with my old high school classmate LOL.

Anyway, the point of this post: Christmas cards! I figured I could still send them out, although they would probably arrive late, but hey, it's the thought that counts, right? I'll probably send them out around next week, so if you'd like one, just leave your address here in a comment or just email it to me. Comments are screened, ofcourse. Feel free to ask for one even if you aren't sending out anything out yourself, since this is probably like, the only event I will be sending out stuff to other countries ^^

Cards won't be anything special though. Since I have a lot left from previous years, I won't be buying any new ones, so there might be a chance you'll get the same card as before :X I'm also thinking of maybe just putting my name under the card since I don't feel like writing a lot this year and this way will be easier to send them out as fast as possible XD;

Now off to bed early for a change!
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