Elysa (chibikaitou) wrote,

Friends only

This journal is currently FRIENDS ONLY, though previous posts that are public will be kept as public, to give an indication of what I post about.

To be friended, please note the following:
  • Please comment if you (want to) add me. A note in advance: I might not add everyone, but it's nothing personal, it's probably because I think we won't get along that well.
  • Common interests are a plus, but I don't talk much about fandom so it's not a must.
  • I'm not too high on comments, but leave a comment once in a while so I know you're still interested in reading.
  • I don't do publicly announced friend cuts. However, I will cut you if I think our friendship isn't going anywhere, for instance if I find myself skipping your posts, do not comment, if there is no mutual commenting for quite some time or any other form of interaction between us.
  • If you're here to see website updates, watch nivealuna instead.

If you're still interested, go ahead and leave a comment.

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