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Dwell on the memories


It's 5.20AM here, but we just got home from our annual New Year's party at our friends' place. Atleast we made it home in one piece, it's so damn misty outside, you can hardly see anything! When we headed out, you could barely see what was five metres in front of you, and when we got back, it wasn't any better. Due to this, we also weren't able to see a lot of the fireworks, but nonetheless it was fun~ I hope 2008 will be a great year for all of my flist! :D

I'm not really tired now, so I think I'll read a bit of New Moon before I actually go sleep 8D
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Ride a shooting star

Adding to all the spam wishes that have already been posted by my flist!

I hope the coming days will be filled with awesome for all of you! ♥

I'm also still taking requests over here :D
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The days we shared

While looking at the post service website yesterday, I found out international post can just be thrown into the mailbox, so I sent out all the cards yesterday evening~ ♥ When I told my sister about that, she found me weird for not knowing that LOL I still have one stamp left though, so if there's anyone who'd still like to get a card, let me know ^^ Also, I forgot to say this before, but thanks so much for the cards I received so far, enacting, star_tamer & cardcaptorkiki! :D

I ended up not having to work today, so I finished one of the request layouts. harlequins, you can see the layout here, and download the zip-file here. I hope you like it~ ♥

For those who missed it, I'm taking requests over at this post! ^___^

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I can't remember the last time I actually talked about any anime/manga in here haha~
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A faint voice like the wind

Holiday Love Meme, Secret Santa Style!

It's amazing how, despite having less lectures, I manage to be busier than last term. I guess it's because we have to hand in assignments every week, whereas I hardly kept up with most of the subjects before. My Sociology paper is due next Thursday, and so far.. I've only read a bit into my subject. I wanted to try and write the paper in English, but I doubt I'll have enough time for that. I've been trying to make an appointment with a primary school since Friday, but every time the person who's in charge about it isn't there and I'm told to call back later. I actually don't see why the teachers themselves can't say whether or not an outside person can come and observe a lesson, but I guess they must have a reason behind it >_> I'm also supposed to hold a short presentation about it this Thursday, but I have no idea yet what exactly I'm going to tell, since it's supposed to be done in about five minutes.

All these assignments have led to the point that I still haven't written the Christmas cards yet, so I just wanted to apologize in advance to everyone who I'd be sending one. I'm still going to send them, but I doubt they'll be in time for Christmas/New Years (except perhaps paperjetpilot's card). This week's already pretty full already, so I honestly have no idea when I'll be able to write them ;~;

I did finish my fanlisting for Anna from Shaman King though, but there's hardly any content up. The new domain layout will have to wait until I've got more time or I'm having a procrastinating mood.

Two weeks left until Christmas break! I really can't wait, since I'll be able to catch up on lots of stuff - though it'd also mean it's time to study for exams again. One good thing though, is that I've read D.N. Angel will resume on December 22nd?! :O
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A song of my life

Just popping in to say I'm still alive :D I'm still in the middle of exams, but almost done - I've only got tomorrow and Thursday left. Tomorrow's an open book exam, which means we can bring anything we think is relevant, so I printed out all the Powerpoint sheets and the assignments + feedback I got on them. I've been told that it's one of the easiest subjects, and that it's possible to pass without having read the book, so here's to hoping it'll go well!

I've also managed to finish watching Eureka Seven and Why Why Love a while back, although the latter was more because my sister was kind of begging me to watch it haha~ I thought its ending was kind of confusing, and actually a bit stupid too, since I thought it would be a lot more clear. But, being as sad as I am, I was all teary-eyed while watching the ending DX

Well, I'm off again to get a bit more studying done and then off to bed! I hope you all are doing good! ♥
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The strength to fight on

How amusing is it, that I'm always like, one or two days late with fanlistings applications for people because I just got into a fandom? LOL

I spent most of yesterday evening and today reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, which I actually started reading back in August, but with the USB problems we've been having, I was too lazy to redownload everything. But my dad's back from his trip and brought along his laptop so I've been reading it on that. So far, I've read up to volume 17, and I'm going to read the rest once I post this entry. The first few volumes were nice, but didn't really have a lot of action in it, and from volume 8 or so onward, the action doesn't seem to stop :3 I find the current arc pretty awesome too~

Oh, and Abunai! was awesome as always! ♥ I didn't really meet a lot of new people but it was nice seeing everyone again. :D /will probably make some sort of con report in the next few days.. DX
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Circling around and around

I've been searching for almost an hour for my Evaluation book, when I finally gave up after searching the whole house like three times. So I called my mom to ask her, since she was in her cleaning frenzy last week.

Me: Did you see my book?
Mom: I haven't seen it, didn't you leave it at the restaurant?
Me: No, I haven't even touched it in two weeks.
Mom: Then I don't know either.
Me: Did you put it somewhere when you were cleaning?
Mom: .. *silence* Yeah, that could be possible.

In the end, I found it in one of the many boxes in my room D:
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This is the world I want

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! ♥ I didn't do much a lot, but I held a party for my university friends which was a lot of fun. They always want to play Singstar, and surprisingly they never get tired of it :P I ended up with a lot of bathing stuff, so it's a good thing we have a bathtub XD

Also, I managed to finish the second CCS movie fanlisting~ Just haven't had the time to pimp it here:

HOPE: The Fuuin Sareta Kaado/The Sealed Card fanlisting

I hope it looks okay, I was kind of lazy so I just stole the CSS from my exit page LOL

My aunt, uncle and their kids are spending the weekend here, since my little cousin is turning one on Monday, so I won't be online that much. I hope you guys have a nice weekend! ♥
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