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syaoran: drops of water

September 2010



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Nov. 13th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

(no subject)

Since I've been working on coloring this manga panel this past week and finished it yesterday, I figured I might as well use it to bring some life to my icon community (well, I guess it should be considered a graphics comm now?), which has been pretty inactive since February. A preview of two works can be seen below. Follow the link to see the entry with full versions and some comments.

Last week I ordered some manga and the package finally arrived today! It was later than usual, and I was about to email the company because usually they ship it out the day after payment arrives, but I got the "shipment sent out" email yesterday so all was good. I just woke up when they rang at the door and by the time I got downstairs and opened the door, the mailman was already in the process of giving it to my neighbour haha~ I only ordered stuff I had already read online, and two volumes of +Anima which were never scanlated. Now I can finally say I finished the series! I started reading it back in.. 2002 or 2003? I don't even remember anymore, only that I started reading it when paperjetpilot gave me scanlations along with a few other series.

Second term just started and from what I've seen, the two projects I have will be sucking up my time big time. Three different ways of data gathering AND analyzing in about three weeks + preparing a presentation for that? I'm already dreading it just thinking about it, and that's just one project.

I should change my userpics, seeing as how I'm not even using half of them.

Aug. 11th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

(no subject)

This was actually supposed to happen back in March, but due to RL people being hard to layout for me, uni projects coming up and work, it's been delayed until now. Shiroi-tsuki.net got its layout and content revamped, and I created an updating community over at nivealuna for it. The only thing I didn't touch was the exits portal, because I only update that for new links and stuff. Speaking off, if anyone would like to affiliate or link exchange, just leave a note here ♥

I have no idea why writing this little bit of content took me almost a month.

Aug. 8th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

Freeze that moment in time

First of all; HAPPY BIRTHDAY, soifon! Again, I hope today is a great and not suckable day for you ♥

After waiting an extra week, I finally got my new glasses yesterday. When I came there last week, the girl at the store didn't know what she should do, because I had two different kind of glasses, and when I told her why that was the case, she told me I had to wait until they were actually put into the frame (well duh). So she sent them to the glasses shop near my house, and they would call me when it was done. I didn't get any phone calls though, so I ended up going there the day before to check if they had actually received it. Turns out the employee had sent them back to the first store. I was told it should've been done on Saturday - if they'd just called me when it was done, I could've picked it up here instead of having to get it in the city ~_~

Just now the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games was on TV (it's still going on now), and since my brother asked me to record it, I ended up watching the whole thing. I thought it was really pretty and awesome how they were so in sync, not bumping into each other etc. And all the lights~ I'm a sucker for pretty sights hee xD Right now all the participant countries are coming up, but I have yet to see the Netherlands come by LOL

Also, is anyone on my flist using the program Minilyrics? It's a program so you can get lyrics on your mp3-player. I downloaded the latest version, but somehow it's not really working here, it apparantly doesn't find either Winamp or Windows Media Player :3 I want to sing some songs but I can't remember the lyrics LOLz And maybe I'll sign up for a karaoke contest at the upcoming convention, but not really sure about that yet xD

Jul. 4th, 2008

syaoran: drops of water


I was planning on heading for bed like, 4 hours ago, but got sidetracked really bad. Good thing I don't have to wake up before 4PM in the afternoon LOLz I'm so excited now though, because I just found out something that was anticipated, but never confirmed:

There will be a DVD for the NEWS Pacific Concert Tour!! *____*

ZOMG Do want. I've gotten my sister acquainted with the words free worldwide shipping, so maybe I'll actually buy it from the internet, or get her to buy it while she's in Japan!

Also, a new Tegomass song is confirmed to be the ending song for the Neo Angelique Abyss sequel, which will start airing this Sunday. I'm so excited to hear it!! I thought it would take ages before another Tegomass single would be released (since there hasn't been any news about a new NEWS release either no pun intended), but this is so awesome~~

Jul. 1st, 2008

syaoran: drops of water

Guess who's still alive?

I haven't posted here in forever, maybe all that talk about posting regularly made me lose all my posting spirit haha~ Anyway, sorry for not commenting for such a long time, at first I just didn't post any entries, but did keep commenting, however I had a lot of work to finish so I kinda stopped commenting when this month started. I did try to keep reading the flist, but I might have missed some stuff here and there ;3 Let's just say this was my unannounced LJ hiatus. I'm finished with uni for the year now though, except I still need to get feedback on one project and will have to work on it if we didn't pass and I have to edit one other report since we failed it because we didn't like our employer (this is just our guess though). Other than that, I'm trying to enjoy my vacation with doing nothing all day but watching and reading stuff, and work. For those who still have exams and all that, hang in there, you're almost done (hopefully)!! ♥

Now that it's decided I won't go to China this year, I'll hopefully have enough time to actually focus on some web stuff, like revamping super old layouts and finally adding some decent content to fanlistings. I haven't been iconing in forever either, so look forward to an icon post.. soonish probably LOLz

I hope everyone's doing fine~ ♥ /clings to flist~

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